Well, if it ain’t Mercury piggybacking on my shoulders!

Mercury retrograde's mucking with me. Yeah, that's mucking I said, not a typo.

One malady of a Merc-retro, begun Monday, is devices electronic and electrical acting funky … misbehavin' … goin' on the fritz.

With all due respect to Mercury in (backward) motion, lemme point out what's on my planetary plate:

1. My printer suddenly won't print. I'm pretty tech-savvy and excellent at troubleshooting. There's no reason — least none obvious — for it to: Just. Stop. Printing. {glances skyward}.

I'm gonna keep dicking around with it trying to investigate the problem and repair it. And take my own advice of keeping cool during this M-R. I did pretty well with Canon on the phone last night. Just one, possibly two swear words at most.

2. My computer battery is well into its half-life. And fading further into the sunset each day. It's had a full life. It's time for a replacement.

Batteries aren't cheap. So I'm taking the e-Bay route for the first time. {looks skyward outta one eye}. See, major purchases are a no-no under M-R. Does a computer battery qualify? I think not. But we'll find out.

I'm purchasing with extra care and attention paid to the details — because that's where Mercury-retro might do its mucking. Yeah, I said it again, mucking.

3. The computer power adapter is hanging by a thread. Literally. I'm an ardent Mac fan — have been since day one, but I'm not blind to that which Apple does poorly.

This power adapter design is one. It's infamous in the Mac crowd for fraying, sparking, catching fire. And that's what you want while you're writing a book. Or a blog. Smoke and flames erupting at your side. Sorta distracting.

Rather than bore you with how these adapters come to their fiery demise, I'll offer instead that right now my adapter is literally hanging by half-wires.

And it is going nowhere. Normally it goes with me each day in the backpack. But it is staying put on my desk to preserve what's left of it before a replacement arrives.

The power cord's shredded from all the sparking. I don't exaggerate: actual sparks. And the insulation's all melted, exposing blackened wires. That are currently being held in a precise position by a length of black electrical tape to keep the laptop powered.

It's going nowhere because even the slightest movement of the power adapter wire right now will cause its fatal snap.

And … because my battery's at its half-life, at most, I can't operate on that for long. So a new power adapter it must be and quickly.

That too will be a newbie e-Bay buy.

Under a Merc-retro. 

{casts one last glance upward before taking off for work} Please don't muck (muck? muck? who says muck?!} with me, Mercury. Thanks!

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