furry fella “hares” it’s hot out

My sister is, I swear, from another planet … an animal disguised as a human. Her life's work and purpose are around animals, helping and protecting them, indications of which surfaced even in early childhood.

Thus the photos she sends and stories she shares about the animals that find and surround her take on a heightened significance.

Take Carlyle, for instance. Caryle, and his sister, Matilda, are rabbits rescued from a miserable life in a small cage kept in a dark garage. They were often without food and/or water; they had only each other to survive. Therefore, they are very close, Carlyle and Matilda.

And they now run freely in the grass and through the house of my sister (all areas protected and safe for them, of course). The saying "one person can make a difference is another's life" never rings truer than when examining how my sister's lived helping animals for many years.

That said, this is the rabbits' first spring-summer in their new home in an area, geographically, where it gets hot and that recently was struck by a heat wave.

So what does she do? Goes out and buys a small air-conditioner and installs it. Because rabbits don't do well in heat; it can be fatal for them and rapidly.

Carlyle, she observed, has this built-in temperature gauge (and one that Matilda doesn't). When the temp reaches around 70, his ear flops … always only one ear and always the right. 

She says it's his "summer look."

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