“Let them eat cake,” the gods decreed. So we do.

So I bump into the hostess and seek the lowdown on tonight's party and ask whether I can bring a dessert.

She pauses to think on the desserts that are coming.

"Upside-down pineapple cake," she says.
{Blech — but I keep it to myself.}

"It's his favorite."
{He's the birthday boy. So he gets his wish. And I with manner maintain the poker face.}

"Someone else is bringing apple pie."
{Ehh. And you call these desserts?! Where's the chocolate?!}

Ponders. "You could bring something chocolate."
{Now we're talkin' the same language.}

"I loooove chocolate," she enthuses. "Love love it! A couple others there do too. You could bring like brownies."

{Little does she know. I'm already 10 steps ahead.}

So here's the skinny. {Poor word choice.}

After hours of methodically researching recipes and poring through bakers' comments, I've picked a flourless chocolate torte recipe that's received massively rave reviews. {We'll see; most American tongues are far less discriminating than my own.}

It combines:





for a result resembling this {sans berries and dusting}:

I've a few ideas percolating on decorating this palate of dense and decadent chocolate. A tasting before it enters the oven and appearance when it cools will ground the vision.

In the meantime, know that this day, serious chocolatiering is happening in Tacoma.

And it is a beautiful Saturday.

The sun is out. {shock!}

Blue skies prevail. {yeah!}

The temp should rise to a refreshing and healing mid-80-ish. {How'd this happen?!? Just the other day I was in the figurative parka!}

It is a glorious day for a wedding.

A day to bring together for promised eternal bliss two partners who could not be better suited to each other:

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