Dessert's back on!

Saturday's party has morphed still again: reportedly to a larger crowd of 18-20 and a dinner that will not be a five-course sit-down.

Which means just one thing: More balloons. {errrr, uh-uh} More gifts. {prob'ly not} More drinking and toasting. {can't rule it out} Chocolate! Yes, that's the word I was looking for. Chocolate!

The torte or dense flourless cake is still looking like the winner. Because it reportedly won't be a sit-down but guests milling about eating at their leisure, a cake with a built-in time factor (i.e., a sauce or whipped cream served alongside) doesn't work well. Best is a stand-alone that survives a couple hours on a table.

So my mind's spinning creative. I've got the recipe (I think), very dense, with shortage of chocolate or butter, but not yet the look. Simple adornment will do.

Maybe something like this:

Or that:

Or another:

Or the direction I'm leaning:

Come what may, one truth remains unchallenged and unchanged:



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