Death by Chocolate meets death before the party

Sad news. There'll be no chocolate and calories from me.

The party hostess has changed the plan from potluck to five-course sit-down dinner, where guests are requested to bring only a beverage.

Alas, that didn't stop me from looking … dreamingimaginingimagining that which might have been … imagining when the hell I can derive an excuse to bake up one of these beauties …

I'd narrowed down the party possibilities to these three options from Godiva's site:

Chocolate Indulgence: a simple dense chocolate torte with an inviting spring look. (note: the spring for which we here in the Pacific Northwest are still waiting …)


Scary Monster Chocolate Cake

Plenty of chocolate. That appeals. Plenty of steps and time required. That appeals.  A good candidate.


Milk Chocolate Mousse Cake:

And we have a winner!

With a chocolate genoise, milk chocolate mousse,  dark chocolate ganache and raspberry sauce, it fits the bill in challenge/difficulty of preparation, textures and flavors.

Alas and sigh, still only eye candy …


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