A different Mother’s Day greeting

Here is my problem with Mother's Day.

It's about miniature heart-shaped candy boxes and burned waffles from the kiddies.

It's about floral cards and floral bouquets and gifts of floral-scented perfumes.

It's about expressions of adoration and love and "you're the best" in cards and e-mails, in paintings and drawings and the scrawl of a child or the penmanship of a man.

It's about the word mom expressed in 10 different tones in as many situations in a TV telephone ad.

It's about stories on the radio about great moms and contests and prizes and crowded restaurants and popular brunches with free mimosas for the mothers.

The blogosphere, including Vox, is prolific with bloggers writing about their mothers or about being one and extending Happy Mother's Day wishes.

I am here to offer support to the mothers unseen.

To the mothers forgotten and overlooked on Mother's Day.

I am here for the mothers for whom this day is tremendously painful.

The mothers who have lost their children to stillbirth.

To accidents and murders and suicide. To mothers who have lost their children to illness. To mishaps. To war. To death and corridors in life that resemble death.

To mothers unable to conceive who adopt and to mothers who have relinquished their children.

I am here offering my acknowledgment of you. I see you. I feel you. I am with you.

I would like to see television commercials that remember the mother who has lost. I'd like to hear radio programs that allow mothers to call in and speak about the sadness that Mother's Day means for them.

I would like to see one courageous cardmaker come out with a wide selection of cards that read "Remembering you on Mother's Day."

Our world is one myopic and skewed to the syrupy and the sentimental, the happy and the celebratory on this day.

But I am here to remind that there are many, many mothers for whom this day is filled with pain, with sorrow, with grief, with loss.

I acknowledge you. This posting is for you. And these flowers are just for you.

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