bon news x tres

Remember this bed leaning against my wall … oh so attractive?

The first batch of craigslist responders — all no-follow-throughs. {really helps cultivate fondness for your fellow man, eh?}

Reposted for a second week's run on a late Saturday night and Sunday morning awakened to a trio of e-mails conveying strong interest. One captured me. She super-needed the bed because she'd just moved and was sleeping painfully on a sofa bed and she so needed not to be doing that.

I understand what it's like to be without a bed. I also understand what it is to sleep terribly. So I inwardly extended her first dibs and waited to see whether she'd follow through.

She did. Within hours she was at the house loading 'er up. And I was able to help out someone who really needed it, a joyful event.


For weeks I've been bracing for a roommate change that would cost me my valued space and privacy.

Good news! The roommate's who's never here isn't moving after all!

Yeah, I found out Sunday morning when the owner and I were in the kitchen and I suggested that between roommates we rid the fridge of the clutter.

"Oh, she's not moving," she responds causally. {Uh, thanks for letting me know. It's not like we live in the same house or anything …}

Why? Because only males responded to the ad and she preferred a female for the upstairs bathroom that's shared by two roommates in very close proximity. I can see her point.

So she and the problematic roommate had a serious powwow and came to some agreement. Yey for that! And yey for me! My space and privacy are preserved!


My health's better. Not fully out of the woods but on the mend. And I have drugs to thank for it.

The grade-school bedtime last night didn't hurt either. In fact, the extra shuteye felt so good, there'll be a repeat performance tonight. That with chicken soup and rye whiskey.  And for dessert more brownie than I could stomach last night. Yeah, an appetite for destruction chocolate … things are looking up.

{p.s. the whiskey possibly killed off a toxic organism or two so that's remaining in the diet but you already knew that.}

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