Cartomancy on the concrete outside Costco

So the other day as I was leaving Costco, a miniature playing card lying face down on the sidewalk caught my eye.

Actually there were two but before I saw the second one I decided I’d pick up the first and take it as an omen, a snapshot of the times per cartomancy, the art of divination with a deck of cards.

(I did also retrieve the second card but discounted it since it hadn't caught my eye, neither with its wrinkles was it in the same fine condition as the first.)

The first card was …

I looked it up online, and if I take it seriously, I'm due for:

Assistance from a friend or spouse.

or to quote from from another site:

Changes in plans and thinking. The five of clubs can mean a change in residence (ed. note: not again! oh wait, duuuuh!!!!) or travel opportunities. It can mean a restlessness that brings up a desire to explore new realms, at least on the mental level.

It may be a signal for a change in your life. You will likely feel a dissatisfaction with things as they are and want to progress into new areas. Be open to new plans, new ideas, new places to go., etc. The only negative side of this card is an unwillingness to commit one’s self to any particular belief or philosophy.

Like hell! I believe that a playing card lying on the ground is an omen. Given my history of moving, this is a no-brainer sure-fire prediction.

I'm wiping my brow that it wasn't the ace of spades: death.

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