Open-house Sunday

Spacious. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Historic.

You’ve heard these words applied time after time to (some) apartments in which I work. But do they convey images to your minds or instill an appreciation for their rare beauties? No.

Which is why I’m taking you on a Sunday tour. The apartment you’re about to see, in a building erected in 1918, comes vacant rarely, thus now’s the golden opportunity to showcase one of the finest that Tacoma and my employer have to offer.

Disclaimer: Cell-phone cameras lack the advantages and features of a real camera. so please try to see through the deficits.

Entering. To the right of the fireplace are bookshelves; above, a flat-screen TV. Not visible are the dark wood blinds over the windows.

From living room looking down hallway. That’s the front door ajar on the right.

From living room looking toward dining room:

From another corner of the living room toward dining room. Note the cabinets.

Dining room cabinets, featuring leaded glass windows, two glass bookcases and old mirrors (in one, the reflection of the light fixture is visible).

Leaded glass cabinet doors; They don’t make ‘em like this anymore.

Dining room light fixture:

View through dining room cabinets toward living room. Note that the windows above the bookshelves are leaded glass.

Leaded glass windows:

View from one living room window. That brick srucdture is the twin-sister constructed in 1914. Both were built by brothers who had a major falling out, parted ways, with one preceding to have another building built just down the road just to block the view of the water that these sisters get. Revenge ain't always so sweet …

Modernized kitchen — with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, both of which look FANTASTIC when they’re clean, otherwise are a bitch to maintain. (And yes, that’s my handiwork you’re seeing.)

Off the living room, the balcony.

Balcony bricks. Over the past 90 years, how many eyes have seen these, hands touched these, how many stories do they hold?

A glass sink in a bedroom corner, replacing whatever funky one was there prior. (Pics of two bedrooms not provided)

The double swinging front doors of the building (that lead to a locked secure door):

Looking upward:

Front of building from a distance. Note the protective white lions.

Closer view of a lion.

Doth spring fresh young buds upon aged brick:

Front from a distance. The apartment you were just in is that one on the second floor.

Total floor space: About 1,800 feet. It comes with a stacked washer-dryer in one closet, a bathroom with a granite-top vanity and storage unit downstairs. Rent? It’s moot, it’s already taken. 🙂

You’re amongst the lucky for not all get this chance to view one of Tacoma’s finest … and apartment that, yes, I’m gonna say it yet again, is spacious … gorgeous … beautiful … historic.

Now that you’ve got the images paired with the words, please enjoy!

(p.s. to LOIL: remember the druggie ho and her gang of drug-dealing users? that space that reeked that i efforted to cleanse? it was an apartment similar to this one. boy did they not belong.)

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