Call me. On my new phone. Dial LuvsTacoma

After a month of this on my cell phone screen:

I now see this:

symbolically speaking.

It's so cool to have a fully-functioning phone again! It's a hand-me-down but an upgrade from the previous model. Not only are the camera functions improved but it offers 30-second video clip capabilities! I was goin' around yesterday educatin' myself and runnin' test clips past my sister. I got to feel like a little filmmaker. (Had I not gone to journalism school, I'd have pursued film-making.) Great fun!

Anyhow, test pics from the "new" and improved cell phone:

Jade's growing slowly yet steadily. I'm aiming to repot her from plastic to ceramic but will wait till spring's solidly present based from research gleaned in jade forums. She's here to stay. Some people have jade plants that are 30 years old! Amazing. If Jade remains healthy and alive, she'll outlive me!

You recognize Berr Symon. In his driving scarf. With my martini glass. It's a fib to call it glass, it's plastic. I paid a lot for it at Value Village thrift — $1.99, as I recollect — which doesn't sound like much but is when glasses run between 25 cents and a buck.

However, it was a new item, thus "spendier," and I dug the color too much to pass it up. I bought it along with another martini glass to mark some holiday with martinis with my first roommate in Tacoma. And a fantastic roomie he was. So for that reason I'm fond of this martini glass. And it won't shatter when the Bombay Sapphire and I are buddy-buddy. (And no, that ain't water.)

Blue sky and the tree out front, taken strictly to capture this rare day of sunshine. Today's in the high 60's, low 70's. Beginning tomorrow, we return to a week of gray gloomy overcast and temps back in the 40's. No wonder and no surprise that this state's suicide rate is the highest in the nation.

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