Mmmmmmm, martini

It doesn't get any more exciting than this on a Saturday night.

Okay, I lie.

Here's the deal. I get to the liquor store for the Bombay Sapphire and decide to venture into fresh territory with an unfamiliar gin. One selling at a fair price, quashing the odds of rotgut, from England, because, really, who does gin better, and in a mighty classy bottle.


It's not evident from the pic but that Q is in metallic gold attached to the bottle. The little taggy booklet on the neck touts it as winner of the world's smoothest gin award in 2005 from the Beverage Tasting Institute. It features the usual botanicals of juniper, herbs and spices along with an unique addition of lotus flower leaves and lavender.

As with my foray into rye whiskey, I sip for the first time with my peeps at my side. Here goes:

Aroma: a dry and fruity one initially that dissipates into a soft lingering scent. Image: a white ceramic bowl of colorful oranges and bananas.

Taste: Potent and powerful punch that ebbs into subtle bed of herbs. Image: Lying in a field of tall tender grass in springtime with a delicate scent of lavender wafting your direction.

Overall: Not as complex in subtleties as Bombay Sapphire but equally dry and smooth, verrrry smooth as silk. Excellent in a martini, I'd imagine.

I shall give that a try just now because thanks to MarsVerdigo I was reminded to pick up olives on this shopping day.

{Pauses to create a dirty martini, strong on the gin, a splash of vermouth, a nice spill of olive brine and not one, not two but three giant Spanish olives. Sips …}

Yes. As I suspected, excellent in a dirty martini.

Conclusion: My heart and palatte remain with the Sapphire but as a slightly lesser-priced alternative that serves itself very well indeed in a martini, the Q is tres OK.

Now must wave cheerio, James Bond should be arriving any moment. If not, well, never mind, I've got this entire bottle on a Saturday evening if I'm stood up by the spy who didn't love me.

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