Me in a shopping mood?! Picture it!

I hate shopping. Between it and a root canal, I'd almost rather have the latter — and as a lifelong dental queen I can say that with indisputable authority.

So when the "mood" hits, I must strike while the iron's hot. This poses a bit of a dilemma since from what I'm able to ascertain, the house is empty and into my ears is loudly pulsating this woman:

However, back to that hot iron. I'm actually willing to brave a Saturday crowd at Costco, of which I'm an ardent fan, to give my employer a hand and pick up work supplies (for which I'll be immediately reimbursed):

PapertowelClorox wipes

and for myself:

… and then I need:

… no place beats Ross for candles!
And from Radio Shack at the (gross! gross!) mall I musn't forget:

for my stereo and those wireless headphones; {no need after all}
and from Office Depot:

… for all the liberry CDs I've been borrowing.

And the real motivator, what'll pull me out of an even empty and musically-abundant house almost every time:

… priorities, priorities.

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