Enter Sandman, stage right; enter Joker, stage left

Most of my closeted geekiness is directed toward computers, well, specifically Macs. I don't do that other system. And (as Johnny-come-late) last night I had my first foray into the world of wireless headphones.

They're lent me by the homeowner-roommate, a cheap pair that nonetheless did the music better justice than the mini-portables I normally use with my laptop. (Since my stereo is my main music source, I'm OK with the occasional compromised listening at the Mac at cafes and the like.) I can totally see going wireless for the stereo when I have money to burn (approximate target year: 2015).

So in the upstairs space absent the roomie and darkened room sprinkled with pillar candles, I plunked myself in front of my laptop, plugged in the remote device, slipped on the headphones — surprisingly comfortable –  and spent a few hours at youtube listening to music from a handful of favorite artists, including Metallica, Neil Young, Pink Floyd and Kate Bush.

Has anyone else noticed the resemblance between Metallica's James Hetfield and Heath Ledger?

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