uh, I’ll need some extra wrapping and a flatbed, please …

It's my sister's birthday.

So I set out to post on it with a cool graphic. Go to Google and type in "Happy Birthday Sis." 

I'm cruisin' through the hits, la-de-da, like a nice Sunday drive along a country lane on a bright spring day.

Then I whomp into this:

If that's not the grossest thing you've ever seen, please don't tell us what is, neither under any circumstances post its picture. Ever. Some descriptors on the Net are duh. "Steroid freak," that's how it's tagged. I'm hard-pressed myself to improve upon it.

Should you be wondering how it is that a steroid freak was returned goggling "Happy Birthday Sis," — fully understandable — here's how: Someone sent this pic with a "Happy Birthday to You, Emily!" greeting to her at her myspace page.

Not to muscle in on Emily's day but happy birthday, sis! Here's hopin' it's freakin' momentous!

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