From all-wheel drive to no-wheel drive, at the moment

I'm without wheels. It's only temporary while my beloved — and much ballyhooed, rightfully — Subaru is at the Subaru shop for her 60,000-mile recommended maintenance check.

This, along with the 30,000-mile, is a biggie, requiring around four hours or more, depending on what's found. Independent of the maintenance check, she desperately needs, and will get, new front brakes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the rear ones have some life remaining (my guess is that they do).

This is one helluva costly expense. On the other hand, anyone driving a Subaru knows what an exceptionally well-made, reliable and dependable car it is. On a yearly basis, between these whammy extensive checks, they require little maintenance. Subarus pay for themselves a thousand, no, 10,000 times over, in terms of pleasure, quality and reliability.

So a huge chunk of change, while painful, yields enormous returns in the years and miles ahead. I've heard of Subarus at 300,000-plus miles and still going strong … because their owners took care of them and did the recommended maintenance. Do I plan to be one of those people? You bet I do! … if I don't die first.

I'm an ardent Subaru cultist and feel no shame or embarrassment saying so. Get me on the subject and I will go on and on. So, it feels weird to be without my wheels. To look out the window and see my car not there. Rest assured, she is at a good place, at the car doctor, where she REALLY needs to be, she is running fatigued.

Barring any unforeseen problems, tomorrow I'll have her back and we'll be on the road again in no time. I love my Subaru. People who know me know I do. Now you know too.

I send her happy thoughts under the care of the physicians. I'm excited to see how she feels with her innards in tip-top shape and a pair of brakes that don't squeak to kingdom come.

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