Polling people-pleasers

Do you bend over backwards to please others?

Put yourself into contortions befitting a Chinese acrobat?

When you look at these photos, do you think: “I can do that. I do do that!” when it involves meeting the needs and requests of others?

Do you go to extreme lengths to not bother others with your presence? Seek to make yourself invisible so no one will know you’re there, perhaps you most of all?  

And, in the meantime, tolerate bad, even insane, behavior from others?

Are you female?

I wanna hear your stories.

Tell the world what you do, or have done, to please others at your own expense. Crazy stories. Sad ones. Funny incidences. Tales that make you shudder, cry or sigh 10 years later: “I can’t believe the insane contortions I went through to please that person. And what I put up with in exchange.” Tales that make you say that now.

This, dear female, is your time to speak up about pleasing people, how dysfunctionally far you’ve gone to do so and the toll it takes on you.

While the poll is aimed primarily at the female population, where the ailment prevails, males with the attribute or just things to say are welcomed.

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