Feng shui meets the Fords (AND Toyotas, Chevrolets, Dodges and Hondas)

A nice, fairly clear day in autumn in the Pacific Northwest is great, to a point.

That point being this bedroom and being in it. Clear days amplify road noise. (I'm exquisitely sensitive to the subtlest of shifts in sound vibration.) And today it's given me a fucking headache. Which I'm remedying by listening to music really loudly through headphones, a Band-Aid solution, granted. I'd much rather be listening to music through the (B&W) speakers I love and adore. (And cost a pretty penny but at the time I had a good-paying job …)

Alas, whatever the decibel level of traffic is (don't wanna know so intentionally don't look it up), it's one not drowned out by music unless it's played at rock-concert volume (which I leave to the one roommate, predictably late at night) or headphones.

Anyhow, as I was sage-ing (burning a sage stick) the room the other day, I noticed (by intuition, which seems to be operating at peak performance lately) that one corner needs a feng shui cure. (the entire room does but bulldozing is outside my domain and budget.) 

This discovery surprised me because of the two corners directly facing roadside, it's the other that I'd have initially thought would be more problematic since it's in the line of fire of the traffic flowing in the direction that irritates most.

Both roadside corners (well, the entire room) absorb what in feng shui is called sha energy, a hard, intense and assaulting energy that's created by any number of phenomena and placements, traffic being one. (Just google "sha" and "feng shui" to learn more.)

So the "hot corner" isn't the one I'd have expected but the other, which is good to know because it's calling for a feng shui cure (which I'll hold off introducing until Mercury's retro completes Nov. 1).

The image that first sprang to mind is one of those reflective hanging twirly sticks common at artsy street fairs and New Age stores, then I recognized that that spins and circulates the sha energy in the room … whereas what needs to happen is deflection.

Mirrors (particularly but not exclusively bagua mirrors) are traditionally used to deflect attacking energies and must be positioned accordingly, but the corner angles make such placement awkward at best. 

So I'm momentarily stumped but my mind, paired with online research, will come up with the right remedy. I found it interesting that the "hottest corner" is in the wall against which my bed is, which increases my incentive to follow my intuition on this matter.

Also, I probed about for physical explanations of why one corner would be absorbing more sha energy than the other and I'm pretty certain I found it: the "offending" corner is butted by the front porch structure, trapping sha, while the secondary corner sits in space and some distance from the neigboring house.

Of course no amount of mirrors, hanging mobile reflectors or other feng shui tools can silence noise, only hopefully soften the situation until moving time arrives. Whether I'll see the finish line around the four-month mark, the initial guess, remains to be seen. Time will tell (she says, headphones plastered to ears and going deaf, still another roadside remedy though admittedly not on the feng shui list).

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