headache from hell

No sideshow spell coulda vanished the splitting headache that shook me from slumber at the crack of dawn. One of those headaches akin to that Halloween costume with the ax slammed into the forehead.

The cause, I’m certain, was the beer I drank last night on an empty stomach. Wasn’t the plan, just happened after bumping into some folks, and dogs, I know at the Parkway pub. One conversation led to the next and the next thing I know it’s rounding midnight and a microwaved Healthy Choice becomes the only meal of the day.

It was the hops of a radically hoppy IPA that did me in. For close to an hour I sought without success to sleep the ax outta my forehead or flush it free with water. Finally I caved, crawled outta bed and dug the Ibuprofen outta my boxes in the living room. Swallowed three with the anticipation of someone who’s stumbled on a drinking fountain in the middle of the Sahara and enjoyed near immediate relief.

No more super-hoppy ales on an empty stomach before bedtime for this girl.

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