paying it forward

I strongly believe in and practice paying it forward — of continuing and extending the flow of good with acts small and large to others known or unknown. In this time of suffocating hardship, generosity and kindnesses from strangers have flowed my way. Paying it forward is already at the forefront of my consciousness. And thus it is that a Chinese coin landed in my pocket.

Well, not literally; it didn’t fly off the shelf and tuck itself into my jeans. There’s this very cool magick-New Age-mystical supplies store in the historic Freighthouse Square. It’s quite well done with a little bit of everything and if you’re into that stuff you can easily spend a couple hours poking around, reading books, etc.

Amongst the goodies was this dish of Chinese coins, rather replicas, that are said to bring abundance and prosperity. I immediately thought: "I must get one. I'll carry it in my pocket or wallet. And when I'm again employed, the money is flowing in again and the coin's charged with positive energies and these times are behind me, I'll give it to someone else, a homeless person perhaps, who needs help to carry in his or her pocket.”

So it wasn’t so much for myself that I purchased this, though I certainly need what it represents, but an unknown someone. I trust that when the coin's ready for release, to be paid forward, I'll know and the person will appear.

By the way, traditionally the coins are carried in a set of three tied with a red ribbon for increased power. The head side has four Chinese characters representing health, wealth, happiness and longevity.

The tail features two characters, a dragon (yang) and phoenix (yin).

If tied together, the heads must facing up. The coin’s round shape represents heaven and its chi,  the square in the center Earth.

 I look forward to again one day having security and stability and to, equally if not more so, paying it forward.  

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