Sure, Kate Moss has her clothing line. Someday I may too.

Root canal or clothes shopping? I’ll take the root canal. Every time.

I intensely dislike shopping and detest it when it’s for shoes or pants. I really have to be in a shopping mood, which occurs twice annually. Afterward, I’ll wear items until one thread is left, to quote my sister, who shares my distaste.

So it is with resounding triumphant cheer that I announce the finds of the century. Or close.

First, let it be known that I live in T-shirts and am rather picky about them. They must have some writing or graphic to capture my attention. Also, I have a black T-shirt collection that’s deeply prized. It’s an electic bunch of seemingly random members who in fact met very high criteria to gain membership. Once in, they’re in for life.

Example: I’ve a very old and worn Rolling Stones T-shirt that was secondhand when I bought it in San Francisco some 15 years ago. It’s faded from black to charcoal. I fret with each washing, wear it rarely and gingerly and looove it. Once someone in Japan actually offered to buy it. No way; wouldn't part with it for any price. Since description can't do it justice, I'll post a couple pics.

Returning to yesterday. Not only was I in rare shopping mode but the thrift store had everything half off for the holiday. I left with a veritable treasure trove of:

Three cool T-shirts.

Two belts.

One eyeglasses case.

And a partridge in a pear tree.

A pair of super-comfy Lee’s jeans.

Total: $11.80.

Every pair of jeans needs a good belt. This one's of high quality with a solid antique-y silver buckle. Comfortably aged with many years of life ahead. I learned only later that its maker, Brighton, is a well-known name in quality accessories. Label schmabel, I look for quality. This belt rocks. It'd probably normally cost a car payment; yesterday it sold for $2.50.

The pants. Did I mention I loathe pants shopping? Seriously would rather undergo six shots of Novacaine and a microscopic handheld drill inserted deep into tooth and tissue for 1-1/2 hours. I’ve had about five roots canals so know of what I speak.

The jeans are a perfect fit. Do you know how difficult that is to achieve?! After umpteen attempts, it was the final pair to try on and if they didn’t fit, I was gonna walk. Did I mention how I’d rather spend an afternoon in a dental chair …? Another reason I’m jazzed: Petite pants are hard to come by in a thrift store. What a lucky break!


I’m boring you to tears, huh? I apologize. I’m just so stoked! Not only did I come away with a trove of treasures for a killer price but my shopping for the year 2007 is now nearly complete.

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