Feliz Navidad

Argentine: Feliz Navidad
Bengali: Shuvo Naba Barsha
Catese: Meowmeow Meeeow-oww
Chinese: (Cantonese) Gun Tso Sun Tan'Gung Haw Sun
Finnish: Hyvaa joulua
Galician: Bo Nada
German: Froehliche Weihnachten
Dogese: Woofwoof Woff Woff
Hawaiian: Mele Kalikimaka
Japanese: Kurisumasu omedeto
Norwegian: God Jul
Philippines: Maligayang Pasko
Turkish: Noeliniz Ve Yeni Yiliniz Kutlu Olsun
Vietnamese: Chung Mung Giang Sinh

However in your world you say it, Merry Christmas to all creatures, human and animal.

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